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 Yes, We also ship to the whole European Union.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find answers to many questions we often get asked.

General Questions

Do you have any catalogs?
No, we don't. Our productrange is to quickly expanding to keep up with. All available products can be found on our website.

It has been awhile since I ordered, what is going on?
After the initial confirmation of your order, we also sent you an initial estimated time of arrival of your order. If your order is taking longer than that it is most likely backordered, if you would like a new ETA, please contact us.

I do not see what I want online, can you special order it?
If you do not see something you need on our website, we can possibly special order it for you. Please contact our sales department and someone there will be able to assist you.

I want to do a group buy, can I get a discount?
Yes, to set up a group by, you must first contact our sales department and get details of the group buy. We will provide you details of prices and what you need to do. A group buy contains at least 10 people.

How do I get a sponsorship?
In general we do not do sponsorships. But if you are planning a large project on your car, please contact our customer service department, for large or many orders we can negotiate special discounts.

How large does my order have to be to get free shipping?
We never provide free shipping, but if you have a large order please contact our customer service department so we can negotiate a special discount.

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, orders can be picked up in our shop, but only after we have confirmed that your order is on stock.

Do you price match?
Our company strives to provide quality products at affordable prices. We guarantee lowest prices against our competitors. Simply give us a call to get a possible price matched quote.

Why is the product I ordered suddenly on back-order?
Back-orders occur very suddenly and often without prior notice. If the product you ordered was not on back-order at the time you ordered, it does not mean it will not go on back-order later on. Please contact our customer service department with any questions.

What if I get my product and I don’t like it, can I return it?
If you received your product and you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us. We will try to fix your problems or offer to take the products back. do not return items without contacting us first.

Do your products come with warranty?
All products come with manufacturer warranty. The warranty covers shipping damages, lowest price and customer satisfaction. Once the products have been altered in any way, the warranty is voided.

Are these products street legal?
Some of the products we provide are for off-road use only. Please check with your local police department for laws governing your area.

I emailed you yesterday, why have I not received a response?
Due to large amount of emails we receive each day, we might not be able to respond immediately. We treat all our customers the same, so we must answer our emails as they come. Please allow us at least 48 hours to reply to all emails.

I want to set up a wholesale account, what should I do?
Give our wholesale department a call, and request for an application for wholesale accounts and ask for details.

Is my (back)order ready for pickup/shipping?
If your order was not on stock at the time of ordering (some products out of stock), then you probably had an email with an estimated delivery time. We will ALWAYS contact you when your (backordered) products arrived here. Please do not email us to ask if your order already arrived here. As soon as we get a new shipment, we check all received products and open orders, and will call or email ALL customers that are waiting on any of the arrived products.

Is Showoff only a webshop?
No, the webshop is just one of the possibilities to buy our products. We also have a showroom and warehouse in The Netherlands, where you are very welcome to come and see the products in real life. See the 'about us' page. We also have a wholesale department, to supply our dealers that are located everywhere in Europe.

What is your address and what are the opening times?
See our contact page.

I never bought something on the internet before, how do I know if I can trust your company?
Showoff Imports is already in business since 2000. You can read more about our history on this page. The number of satisfied customers has grown ever since we started. You can read testimonials/reviews from other customers on this page, or you can do a search on google to find some objective feedback from customers all over Europe.

Do you offer TUV, E-mark, or ‘Gutachen’ on your products, or maybe any certificate for approval?
Since we import our products from USA and Asia, most products do not have any of these marks. A lot of products have the American approval mark (SEA/DOT), which makes it easier for you to get your products streetlegal in your country. We do have some products with E-mark, Gutachen, or TUV, but then it is CLEARLY indicated in the product description on our website.

I found some of your products on (USA) for a lot less then your price, why is that?
Showoff Imports is importing their products from all over the world, mainly from Asia and USA. We take care of the import rights (fee), shipping costs, and sales tax (19%). All these costs are already included on our prices, and are NOT included in the ebay prices. For example: Ebay price for 1 bumper is 150 dollar, which is about 125 euro. Shipping will be 150 euro, importing is 8%, sales tax is 19% and the total can easily go up to 350 euro. Our price for the same bumper is only 289 euro, including all costs, AND service/warranty offcourse!

It seems that my order is (partially) on backorder, what does this mean?
Backorder is a common term for products that are not on stock, and will be delivered later on. Most of the times it means that our supplier in USA or Asia does not have the product in stock either, and we have to wait on their new production/shipment. When they get in back in stock, it still has to be shipped in one of our containers.

Can you send me some extra pictures of a certain product?
No, all pictures we have will be shown on our website. We also recommend looking in our customer car gallery, where you can see a lot of products installed.

Can you send me specifications like size and weight of certain products?
No, all information we have about our products, is in the product description on our website. We cannot give you wheel weights, spoilers sizes, bumper ground clearance, etc. sorry.

What products do you have that fit my car?
All available products are on our website, for must products we have indicated on what cars they fit. In the left column of the website there is the option 'Garage', here you can select a cartype. The type you choose will be saved for you. From that moment on any page on our website you open will only show products that fit your car.

How do I make my car faster?
The first steps would always be to replace the intake, header and exhaust. When a car can 'breathe' better it will already be a lot faster. Further modifications like changing the camshafts, nitrous oxide or a turbo are beyond the scope of this FAQ and are always recommended to be left to the professionals.

Shipping Questions

Do you provide COD?
Yes, but only for deliveries in the Netherlands. We offer many other payment methods so there must be another one that suits you.

The driver is at my door step, what should I do?
Check the package and its contents for any major damages. If the products are all there sign for acceptance. If any damages or problems are found make note of it before signing, if possible make pictures of the problem or damage and contact us as soon as possible. Please never refuse the package, this only causes delays and extra costs.

What should I do when I recieve a damaged package?
Make note of any problems/damage before signing, if possible make pictures of the problem or damage and contact us as soon as possible. We will contact our shipping company and claim the damage. Please never refuse damaged packages.

How long does shipping from you to my house take?
Shipping times vary from 2 to 5 days for Europe and 1 or 2 days for the Netherlands, shipping times can vary depending on your location and the size of the package.

Do you do any kind of express shipping?
Since all our shipping is done by freight, we do not provide express shipping, simply because it is too expensive. If you are in need of a product immediately and do not mind the extra expense, we can set up a faster delivery upon request.

How come I can not get a shipping quote for anywhere out of the E.U.?
We do not ship outside the E.U. due to the high shipping costs.

I got my order and I signed for the product, but now I noticed there damages to it, can I return it?
If at the time you received the products no signs of damages were noted down on the delivery bill, the products cannot be returned. Once the package is received and signed as clear by you, our insurance with the shipping company is voided. You can however, make a claim with the shipping company directly.

Can you ship to my country?
Showoff Imports provides export/shipping globally. We use DHL and Postal Services to get your order to your doorstep, no matter if you live in The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, UK, Poland or ANY other country on the globe.

What are the shipping costs to my address?
You can find estimated shipping costs on our 'shipping info' page. To get a more specific quote, please sign up for an account and add all the products you wish to your cart. In the first step of the checkout process you are then able to see the exact shipping price (calculated by our computersystem). After this, you can still decide to continue/finalize your order or not, or you can still change your order.

Can you tell me the exact date/time that the courier brings my package?
No, unfortunately we cannot do this. Shipping from our address to yours takes about 2-5 business days in the E.U. or 1-2 business days in the Netherlands from the moment it goes out here. The exact shipping time depends on your country, the shipping company, and the customs service. Normally they will bring your package between 09.00 and 18.00 hours.

What if I’m not at home when the shipping company comes?
No worries, the shipping company will leave a notice in your mailbox. On this notice you can see if they will come back the next day, or maybe they ask you to call them for a second appointment. They are forbidden to just leave the package at your doorstep or neighbours when you are not at home.

Can you ask the shipping company to call me when they bring my package?
No sorry, this is not possible. You have to be at home from 09.00 till 18.00. If you are not at home, they will leave you a notice.

Do you send a tracking number when a package is sent to me?
No, at this moment we work with different shipping company’s (the best for every country), which makes it hard to embed tracking numbers in the orderstatus. Please have some patience and wait about a week before emailing us with questions regarding undelivered packages.

I have done two or more orders in the same period, can I combine shipping?
Yes, we can give you a total for shipping all your orders together, please contact us about this asap.

Why is shipping bumpers, hood, and seats so much more expensive the other parts?
Shipping companies base their prices on volume-weight. This means that a bumperbox can weigh only 15 kg, but still is charged at 120 kg due to the large volume of the box. We try to get the best shipping prices all the time! We also recommend to buy more products at once, especially when you order a bumper: All extra items can be included in the same bumperbox, without raising the shipping costs.

When you send me my order, will there be any extra charges for taxes, import rights, etc?
All our prices include all taxes and import rights. For customers in the European Union (EU): You pay the products and the shipping, nothing else! For customers in Norway and Swiss: Your countries’ customs service will sometimes charge extra costs/taxes to you, depending on the value of the invoice. We have no influence to this.

Payment Questions

I do not have a credit card, what other forms of payment do you accept?
We accept banktransfers and Paypal. Customers in The Netherlands can also choose cash on delivery or IDEAL. See 'payment info page' for more information.

I want to pay with my creditcard, is this possible?
Yes, but we do not accept creditcards directly. This is for security and privacy reasons. If you want to pay with your creditcard, you can use the paypal service. It is not required to open an account with Paypal.

Is it possible to pay the order when the courier brings it to my doorstep? (Cash on delivery)
Cash on delivery is only possible for customers in The Netherlands. International customers will have to pay in advance. This can be done by bank or creditcard. See 'payment page'.

I paid my order by bank or paypal, but my orderstatus is still queued/waiting on payment, what happened?
It can take 2-5 days for (international) banktransfers to arrive on our bankaccount, and the online status will be updated manually after we have sent out your order. So this status can be a little behind. Please do not email to ask if we already have your transfer.

Will my bank charge me any fee to transfer money to your bankaccount?
Within the European Union banktransfers are free of charge when you use an IBAN number for the transfer. You can find our IBAN number on our bank information page. When doing a payment, please choose ‘SHARED COSTS’ (SHA), this way the transfer will be free of charge for both you and Showoff Imports.

I paid my order, but afterwards I got an email that my order is backordered (not in stock), can I get my money back?
First of all, we try to have the stock status up to date on the website, but due to the large quantity of products this status can sometimes be wrong. We have a standard backordertime of 4 weeks. In these 4 weeks we try to get your order complete. If we cannot do this within 4 weeks, you are free to cancel the order and get your money back, unless you agreed to a longer delivery time previously.

When you send me my order, will there be any extra charges for taxes, import rights, etc?
All our prices include all taxes and import rights. For customers in the European Union (EU): You pay the products and the shipping, nothing else! For customers in Norway and Swiss: Your countries’ customs service will sometimes charge extra costs/taxes to you, depending on the value of the invoice. We have no influence to this.

I cancelled my order but still don’t have my money back, what happened?
All customers that cancel their order will get a reply from us where we approve or disapprove your cancellation. If approved, we will transfer the money back to your bankaccount within 10 days. To do this, we need your full bankdetails, including IBAN number for international customers.

Installation Questions

Can you install the products for me?
No, we do not have the facilities for this.

Are hood pins required on carbonfiber/fiberglas hoods?
Yes. Although most of our hoods come with built-in latches (depending on whether or not your stock hood has built-in latches), hood pins are required for your own safety.

How do I maintain my carbonfiber product?
Your carbon fiber product is durable, but it still needs care and maintenance to stay looking good. To avoid pre-mature aging, it is important to keep your carbon fiber product clean. Minimize exposure to the sun, and wax when necessary.

How can I install an universal muffler?
You have to weld this muffler to your original exhaust system. Easiest way is to cut your original rear muffler and weld the new muffler on the same spot. We recommend having all parts installed by a professional.

I tried to install my headlights/taillights, but the bulbs or connectors do not fit?
It’s possible that there is a small difference between the connectors/bulbs from USA cars and European cars. Due to the fact the tuningindustry is dominated by the USA market, most products will be made to USA standards, and then a small modification can be needed to install this on a European car.

Bodykit Questions

Do your kits come with hardware and instructions?
When needed the required mounting hardware is included. Instructions are generally not included, we always recommend having a professional body shop with experience in these products to perform installation.

Do I need to remove the reinforcement bar?
The removal of the reinforcement bar may be necessary for the fitment of our aftermarket products. In some instances the reinforcement bar may only need to be trimmed down for fitment of our products.

Can I mix-n-match a kit?
Yes, you can mix-match a kit and still receive a full kit discount. For a price quote on a mix-match kit, please contact our sales department.

What kind of fiberglass do you guys use?
All our products are made with the highest quality standards: We don't carry brands that delivery poor quality that we would not accept for our own cars. Many products on the website have a quality icon in their description, Grade A for excellent quality, Grade B for average quality or Grade C for mediocre quality, these products can require some work to make fit.

Why does the product I got not look exactly like the way I see it in the pictures?
The cars we use in our ads are all custom show cars. Due to the variety of custom modifications done to them, the results may differ from the pictures. As always, pictures are for illustration purposes only. Generally speaking, the core styles will be the same.

Do the side skirts/fenders come as a pair?
Yes, all side skirts and fenders come as a pair, only.

Do your kits come painted?
No, our kits do not come painted. Since the possibility of different shades of each color, it is almost impossible for us to color match your car, when your car is not sitting in front of us. Thus we recommend you take it to a professional body shop to have the kits prepped, primed, and painted.

Are there pre-drilled holes in fiberglass bodyparts?
Some of our kits come with pre-drilled holes. But in general most don't.

Do you guarantee fitment?
We give this guarantee on our A-brands like Auto-R, SIX-Aerodynamics and Aerotrenz. These products are marked with the 'A' quality status on the productpages. For our B- and C-brands this guarantee is not valid. Due to the nature of fiberglass, we do not guarantee fitment. All our products are made to the closest OEM standards possible, but since they are all hand made minor difference can occur. Also with the vast possibilities of why products do not fit perfectly, such as accidents, heat, poor installation, etc, it is very difficult to guarantee perfect fitment. We do however, guarantee satisfaction on our products, so for any reason you are not satisfied by what you ordered, contact us and we will do our best to resolve your issues or refund you.

Is it hard to install these products?
For an experience body man, it is very simple to install our products. This is not always the case for body shops that have no experience in installing after market body kits. Even though you might feel you have the experience and knowledge to install it yourself, we do not recommend for any of our customers to install the products themselves. Please be advised that our recommendation is to take it to a professional.

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