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You are here: Showoff » Suspension » Full Suspension Kits » Renault Clio IV RS Trophy 12+ RM5M1 BC Coilover Kit O-14-VA

 Renault Clio IV RS Trophy 12+ RM5M1 BC Coilover Kit O-14-VA - #251523
Renault Clio IV RS Trophy 12+ RM5M1 BC Coilover Kit O-14-VA

Renault Clio IV RS Trophy 12+ RM5M1 BC Coilover Kit O-14-VA

This BC Racing coilover kit has the following specifications:
* Default springrate front: 7K
* Default springrate rear: 8,5K
* Pillowball top mounts front: Yes
* Pillowball top mounts rear: No
* Adjustable camber topmounts front: 7K
* Adjustable camber topmounts rear: 8,5K
* Manufacturer code: O-14-VA

General info on BC Racing:

BC Racing offers the following levels of coilover kits;

V1 Series: street use Entry level (Stage 1)
BR Series: Street & track use Pro (Stage 2)
DS Series: track use Digressive (Stage 2.1)
RM Series: track use inverted dampers (Stage 3)
ER Series: track use 2-way adjustable (Stage 4)
HM Series: track use 2-way adjustable inverted dampers (Stage 4.1)
ZR Series: track use 3-way adjustable (Stage5)

Brand info: BC Racing was founded in the late 90s and are now a well-known industry leader, their products can be found in all types of vehicles, from complete race cars to normal cars. BC Racing Benelux / Showoff Imports partnered with BC Racing in the late 2000s as their sole distributor to start marketing the great products BC Racing produces in the Netherlands, Belgium and even more EU countries.

Coilovers from BC Racing are the pinnacle of adjustable performance for your car. They are developed to compete with the big boys and can handle the violence of the track well. Example; The BR Series street & track coilover offers height adjustment via a mount at the bottom (to maintain full damper travel) aluminum topplates, ball bearing mount for the top and a dust boot to protect the damper seals.

The mufflers themselves are incorporated into a large 46mm diameter piston, housed in a 53mm diameter muffler body to maintain maximum oil capacity. The damping is so well worked out that BC units are filled with a viscosity of oil that advantageously affects the damping to observe that the oil heats up during extreme use. The large capacity of the oil reservoirs in BC dampers lowers the temperature fade of the oil to keep the damper performance at the highest possible level. BCs damper units are also compressed with nitrogen which reduces aeration of the oil and improves damper cohesion and quality.

The BC range offers value for money; A coilover setup that mixes street and track great. With an entry-level price coupled with great performance, it becomes difficult to find a comparable coilover system for a similar price.

We have the ability to provide your coilover system with custom springrates based on your needs. If you need custom specs regarding jumprates, send us an email. Keep in mind that the standard kit developed by BC Racing is a very good match for most cars and drivers, so most people do not need a custom kit. Custom kits have a 1-3 week lead time because they are made to order.

Camberplates are not available for some kits due to the factory design of some cars. Camberplates mainly work only on a McPherson strut. The reason is that some car manufacturers use an A-Arm style suspension for their cars both front and rear. This type of suspension cannot support the use of camber plates, so then you either need an adjustable arm/link or another camber adjustment setup. As an example; If you ever come across a post stating that a Civic EK kit includes camber plates, this is often incorrect. These messages are generally generic plats used for a large number of cars. These kits will mainly come with rubber mounts for the top, which is ideal for street use, Ball bearing plates are optional. Although the ball bearing plate is only a solid steel bearing it needs no modifications.

Extra low:
BC Racing Benelux offers the extreme lowering kit for most cars upon request. This includes a shorter spring and shock combo to allow for a lower drop. This also affects how high the kit can go, this is something you do need to consider before ordering. We only recommend the extra low option for those who want to go very low, slammed or stanced. We dont recommend this setup for serious track cars unless you really know how to set up the suspension. If you need an extra low set, send us an email. The price for an extra low set is 75 euros incl. 21% VAT.
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BC Racing
BC Racing -
BC Racing General Info:
BC Racing is the own brand range of coilover kits from a large manufacturer of suspension products. The mainstay of the manufacturer is producing units for a wide range of companies including a number of premium brands within the coilover market, brands we cannot mention here for legal reasons but it many of the most wellknown Japanese and American brands. The release of the BC Racing own brand gives end users the benefit of the knowledge, manufacturing processes and economies of scale of a large suspension manufacturer but at the prices which are more associated with the lower quality units cluttering the market at the moment.

Damper testing and matching
Damping adjustment allows you to fine tune your car to suit your needs and the cars intended use. Adjustment should always be made in axle pairs, so both fronts must be tuned the same and both rears must be tuned the same.
Decreasing front damping will speed up the weight transfer as you apply the cars brakes thus increasing front traction. You want some degree of weight transfer to occur to load up the front tires to maximize braking ability and to help the front end hook up for corner entry. The front loading helps prevent under steer.
Such subtle tweaking of the damping rates can make a big difference to the way the car handles. Coilover and after market damper manufacturers run quality control system that can lead to a large variation in damper to damper performance. This means that you can have different damping rates at each corner of your car even when the dampers are dialled in to the same setting via their adjuster. Because damping settings are so crucial to a vehicles handling, this can lead to a handling imbalance where the car will pull slightly under braking and its turn in and mid corner handling characteristics can differ from left to right hand corners.
Its because the damping rates are so crucial that BC Racing check each and every damper they produce on an in house damper dyno. The compression and rebound damping rates are recorded and the coilover kits are only put together using matched dampers. Through this in house individual checking BC Racing can be confident that the kits are produced with matching dampers. BC Racing run to a tolerance level 3 times more accurate than general original equipment manufacturers so the difference in damping rate between BC Racing units is a third of that aimed for by most original equipment manufacturers.

Straight replacement for original equipment
The BC Racing coilovers are a direct replacement for the original equipment. Unlike other brands of coilovers, the BC Racing range do not require brackets fabricating, cable ties or jubilee clips to install. The bottom mounts come with all brackets to take the original ABS sensor leads, brake lines, anti roll bar drop links etc. Just take off your original equipment suspension and install the BC Racing suspension. A straightforward and simple install.

BC Racing Benelux:
Showoff Imports is chosen as the official NL distributor of BC Racing products. Showoff Imports has over 10 years experience in modifying cars and selling/installing coilover kits. We distribute BC racing products among our clients that can be found anywhere in Europe. We also have over 200 dealers in 18 different countries so it should be easy to get a BC racing set yourself!
BC Racing is also a brand that is being used in Racing and Drifting a lot. In the Benelux you will more and more cars using the BC racing products in the professional race series like Time Attack or Drift Championships. In USA and UK the brand has already proven itself being able to perform under race use and BC racing is proud sponsor of many race series and cars.

Nowadays you as a car fanatic can easily look on the internet to find reviews about products you buy. We think this transparency is a positive thing since we are completely confident we sell the top notch brands only and independent reviews will confirm that to you. For your convenience we looked up some of the reviews on well-known website/forums:










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Itemnumber 251523
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Manufacturer Code O-14-V1-VA
Estimated Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks.
Showoff Price: €1275,00

Applications for this product
Brand  Model  Years  Trim  
Renault   Clio   2012-2024 (MK4)     


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